What’s Under Goblin Slayer’s Helmet?

Goblin Slayer's Face
Goblin Slayer’s Face

What’s Under Goblin Slayer’s Helmet? – We all know what Goblin Slayer is, but just in case some of you don’t here’s a quick rundown. Goblin Slayer is a light novel in which its anime adaptation aired on October 2018. It’s a pretty simple yet effective story, a boy who’s lost everything thanks to the goblins raiding his hometown becomes a goblin slayer in order to prevent such awful things to ever happen again.

With how popular this anime is, questions such as how his face looks like under his helmet become increasingly popular too. Here’s what we can gather so far from the Internet about Goblin Slayer’s face.

What does Goblin Slayer’s Face Look Like?

The question has existed ever since Goblin Slayer become a light novel series, and up to this day, there’s no definitive answer for it, be it description from the light novel, or illustrations from the manga and anime adaptation.

But, what we know for sure based on the anime and manga are these three things:

  1. Handsome

Taking his comrades’ words into account, it’s safe to say that goblin slayer has a handsome face, some would even say dignified.

  • Scarred

As we can see from the picture above there are couple of scars from his face, perhaps a result from the goblins attack.

  • Scarlet Eyes

Taking the description from the light novel into account, the Goblin Slayer does seem to have a pair of scarlet eyes despite never actually being shown in the anime or manga.

So, taking these tree things into account, what Goblin Slayer face looks like should resemble something like this. Be warned that this is just a fanart, and not canon in any way shape or form. The image is courtesy to Shou-rai on Deviantart.

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And that’s how we pictured Goblin Slayer’s face would look like. A man with light grey hair, scarlet eyes, and scars on his face. He’s indeed a handsome man for anyone’s standards.

With that ends this article about Goblin Slayer’s face. We’ll probably never get to find out how his face looks like until the end of the series, but that’s honestly fine as we get to imagine how he looks and decides for ourselves. Thank you for reading the article and see you some other time!

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