Top 4 Genius Anime Characters You Need to Know

Top 4 Genius Anime Characters
Top 4 Genius Anime Characters

Ever since the dawn of anime, there’s been a lot of characters that continue to amaze us, be it their awesome power, talents, or most prominently, their brain. There’s something incredibly satisfying when we see the main character won out of pure skill and talent, and not relying on their powerful abilities.

Here in this list, we’ll rank 4 genius anime characters that have blown our mind by using their wit to succeed in their goal.

Top 4 Genius Anime Characters

4. Makise Kurisu

Who doesn’t know Makise Kurisu, often fondly called by her nickname Christina, Kurisu appears in Steins;Gate and is the reason why time machine exists in their world. She published her own paper at the age of 18 and made a complete, and actually applicable theory of time travel using the Kerr’s black hole.

3. Ranpo Edogawa

On the third position, we have Ranpo Edogawa, the detective from Armed Detective Agency in Bungou Stray Dogs. In a place where his friends are all ability user, Ranpo is the only one without one. But he’s just as if not more valuable than his friends as he can deduct a crime scene in the count of seconds just from looking at the corpse.

2. Shiro

The genius twin from No Game No Life takes our third spot for top 5 genius anime character. If her brother is a menace to face in mind games, Shiro takes his spot when it comes to logical calculation. She completely predicted the trajectories of 5 bullets fired at the same time, and even manages calculating the movement pattern of an AI in game she just played and won because of it.

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1. Lelouch vi Britannia

The man of legend himself. For us, Lelouch undoubtedly takes the first spot of our top 4 genius anime characters list. He lived a lie all his life without anyone realizing it. He won a chess game against grandmasters in 8 minutes, and completely manipulating his enemies’ movement. Even without his Geass, the fact that Lelouch is a mastermind in tactics and war is something that can’t be denied

And that’s all for our top 4 genius anime characters list. We hope you enjoy it, and if you haven’t yet, definitely check out the anime these guys are from. They’re definitely a sight to behold.

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