Black Haired Anime Characters

The discussion of characters in the anime is endless. Yesterday we have discussed the anime, my hero academia characters, then now we will go to the next discussion. Now we will discuss the black haired anime characters.
As the hair color of Asians in general, black hair is very easy to find in anime, until there are dozens of hundreds of black haired anime characters be it male or female.

With the many black-haired anime characters, there are certainly many fans, especially the prettiest black haired anime characters.

Therefore, here is a list of the black haired anime characters that have been specially selected to make it easier to find the most preferred black-haired female anime characters.
Black Haired Anime Characters:

1. Mio Akiyama, K-On!

Black Haired Anime Characters
In the K-On! anime, Mio Akiyama is a member of the Light Music Club and the second vocalist of Hōkago TeaTime. Mio has a calm and mature nature, but is very cowardly, shy and doesn’t like being the center of attention. In addition, Mio also became the creator of the song Hōkago Tea Time and had many students at school.

1. Tsubasa Hanekawa, Monogatari Series

Black Haired Anime Characters
Hanekawa has long been named the prettiest character in the anime Monogatari Series. She is a student and is widely known as a Model Student. At the beginning of the anime, Hanekawa had long shiny black hair but eventually, he shaved it. At first, you might think Hanekawa’s long hair is the best, but I doubt you’ll think so after seeing the picture above. Yep, this short hair from Hanekawa looks more dazzling doesn’t it?. He also appeared in glasses but eventually decided to wear Contact Lenses and what happened? Definitely more beautiful!

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3. Hiyori, Noragami

Black Haired Anime Characters
This is the prettiest character in noragami anime, Hiyori has long brownish-black hair. What captivates this character is his beauty and a strong sense of friendship. He could not be if his friend is in trouble, besides that he also has a firm nature, unyielding and dares to fight enemies stronger than him (In spirit mode, he is a little strong in fighting).

4. Mikasa Ackerman, Shingeki no Kyojin

Black Haired Anime Characters
It is cold, quiet, and rarely smiles but somehow many idolize Mikasa. What’s wrong with that? After watching the action-packed anime you’ll know why. Mikasa has short cut black hair and looks dazzling. He is kind and very caring to Eren, the main character in Attack on Titan. Not only beautiful with its cool nature, but it is also very reliable in maneuvering in the air in eradicating the entire giant. His talent has been around since he was a child plus he continues to train in order to protect Eren.

3. Kuroyukihime, Accel World

Black Haired Anime Characters
Kuroyukihime is the most beautiful girl in her school whose feminine nature makes her even more beautiful. Not only beautiful, it turns out that he is also a gamer and became one of the top players in the game.

She has long, decomposed black hair, her beautiful eyes if styled for longer will make you forget yourself, so be careful.

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