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The Corona pandemic resulted in a number of entertainment venues experiencing closures, not least cinemas. This makes movie lovers look for other alternatives to relieve boredom, one of which is to watch on a number of streaming sites. Netflix is also one of the streaming sites that can be an option because it has a wide variety of content, including anime.
Some anime also get labeled ‘Netflix Original’ because it is directly funded and the copyright is owned by the streaming service. Looking at this, of course, a number of anime that can label it has an interesting story quality and will not disappoint. Below we’ll cover a list of the best anime on Netflix :

1.Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba

best anime on netflix
The anime Kimetsu no Yaiba tells the story of a man named Tanjirou Kamado, the eldest young man from an underscman’s family who lives in the interior of the mountain during the Taisho era. Since time immemorial, there have been rumors of Oni (The Man-Eating Devil) hiding in the forest. Therefore, the locals never dare to go out at night. Legend has it that The Exterminator Oni also roamed at night and hunted down bloodthirsty demons. For Tanjirou who knows nothing yet, it is just a mere rumor and will not cause problems in his life.

Since his father’s death, Tanjirou has succeeded his father to meet his family’s needs. Despite their very difficult lives, they felt tremendous happiness and warmth from their families. However, the happiness was shattered when Tanjirou saw his family slaughtered as he left home to work selling charcoal in the City. Not only that, his only surviving family, his younger sister Nezuko, transformed into Oni. But to his surprise, Nezuko still shows human emotions and thoughts by trying to protect Tanjirou from Oni’s Exterminator attack. Tanjirou begins his journey to fight Oni and return his brother to human beings again.

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2.One Punch Man

best anime on netflix
One Punch Man tells the story of a hero named Saitama, an unemployed man who is depressed by being rejected in various companies. Once he helped a boy from a giant monster. This motivated him to become a hero. After three years of special training. He became very strong and could not be defeated.

Later, he joined the Heroes Association to discover new challenges and become a recognized hero. The difference lies in focusing the story on other characters. The fun begins when Saitama appears at each end of the scene with her superpowers in the form of her death blow.

3.Sword Art Online

sword art online netflix
Sword Art Online’s name is already so attached as the best RPG game themed anime. It has grown into a franchise with several sequels making the quality of Sword Art Online unquestionable. The good news is, Sword Art Online is now on Netflix.
Sword Art Online itself tells the story of a sophisticated and up-to-date game called Sword Art Online that has just been released. This RPG game allows players to jump straight into the challenging field of play. Kirito, the main character and one of the participants who had the opportunity to explore Sword Art Online for the first time. How does he end these missions in Sword Art Online?

4.The Seven Deadly Sins

the seven deadly sins netflix
The Seven Deadly Sins with the Japanese title Nanatsu no Taizai is arguably one of the best anime adventures ever. Airing on Netflix, The Seven Deadly Sins is ready to entertain you with this exciting adventure story that is the attraction of this anime made by A-1 Pictures.

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The Seven Deadly Sins will bring a witness to the journey of a royal princess named Elizabeth in collecting seven former knights who briefly served in the kingdom before finally being fired. The seven knights nicknamed “The Seven Deadly Sins” had to collect before the palace became chaotic.

Can Elizabeth find these seven of them?

5.Attack on Titan

best anime on netflix
Just as Sword Art Online has grown into a major franchise, Attack on Titan is one of the best anime on Netflix that you must watch because Attack on Titan presents a fun and thrilling story.
This survival-themed Attack on Titan will take a friend to a world where a strange species of giant body, Titan threatens human life. Mankind did not stay silent by building a giant fortress to prevent titan from coming.

That’s the best anime on Netflix that can be referenced and must-watch to fill your activities while at home!

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