10 Students with the Strongest Quirks in My Hero Academia

10 students with the strongest quirks in my hero academia
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My Hero Academia became one of the most popular anime in the world in recent years. The anime, adapted from Kohei Horikoshi’s manga, tells the story of the lives of teenagers in high school who are not like a place to study in general, but are filled with future superheroes with unique powers commonly called ‘quirks.’ This article will review the 10 Students with the Strongest Quirks in My Hero Academia.

Quirks owned by these students are said to be unique because their strengths still have weaknesses or side effects. As a result, no character is really overpowered in MHA like Saitama in the one punch man anime. However, despite the limitations of quirks, some of these students still have extraordinary powers even on par with professional superheroes.
Below we will review 10 students with the strongest quirks in my hero academia. Just check out the review:

10. Hitoshi Shinso
Hitoshi is a student from grade 1-C trained by Aizawa Shouta who is a professional superhero named Eraser Head as well as a teacher at the school. As a student, Hitoshi had quirks that he could use to brainwash his enemies. He only needs to get his opponent to reply to the words that are thrown out of his mouth to brainwash the enemy.
Unfortunately, Hitoshi’s abilities are not complemented by martial arts skills. This makes Hitoshi able to lose instantly if his opponent does not reply to the words he utters.

9. Setsuna Tokage
The woman who is said to be the most talented student in grade 1-B has the power to make a number of parts of her body separate. Not only that, Setsuna can also control her separated limbs telekinetically. Thus, he can attack his opponent remotely without having to fear getting hurt.

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8. Tokoyami

Fumikage Tokoyami
This black horse from class 1-A has a fairly dark and creepy power. Because, quirks called Tokoyami’s Dark Shadow are shaped like a black shadow that can attack. The quirks are even stronger if they are dark and weak in light.

7. Eijiro Kirishima

Eijiro Kirishima
This character synonymous with red becomes one of the grade 1-A. students with the strongest quirks. This young man can make his whole body harden like a rock and still be able to attack his enemies. In fact, Eijiro has a secret technique called Red Riot Unbreakable that makes the whole body much harder and has sharp parts.

6. Shoto Todoroki

Shouto Todoroki
The son of a professional superhero Endeavor has quirks that are not much different from his father’s, namely fire. However, Shoto’s fire power is only on the left side of his body, while his right side has ice quirks like his mother’s. This makes Shoto have two elements that are opposite to his body, but are quite effective when fighting enemies.

5. Bakugou Katsuki

Katsuki Bakugo
Although irritable, Bakugou has quirks that are quite powerful. This little friend from Izuku can make a chemical compound called nitroglycerin that easily explodes in the palm of his hand. This makes the grade 1-A student able to create as many explosions as possible at hand. Bakugou also has dreams of becoming the world’s number one superhero like All Might.

4. Izuku Midoriya

Izuku Midoriya
Unlike some of the students on this list, Izuku was not born with quirks at all. The power he now possesses is also gained after teaching with the world’s number one superhero, All Might. Now, Izuku becomes a success of the professional hero by having quirks named One for All that can defeat his enemies in one hit.
Unfortunately, because his quirks were not acquired from birth, the body of Izuku was not accustomed to the presence of such powers. This left Izuku with severe injuries when using his quirks excessively. However, as time went on, this green-haired young man became more accustomed to his powers.

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3. Nejire Hado
The woman in the strongest trio comes from the class 3-A. Quirks she owns is actually not too different from Bakugo, which is firing a very powerful explosion. However, nejire quirks are more targeted when compared to Bakugo. Thus, it is no surprise that Nejire is already working under the 10th strongest professional superhero, Ryuko.

2. Tamaki Amajiki
The quirks that nejire’s classmates have are actually quite unique. He is able to transform his body shape into the form of animals that he consumes as food. So, if he eats swordfish, then he can turn his hands into sharp weapons. Tamaki also joined a professional superhero agency led by Fatgum.

1. Mirio Togata
This blond young man is touted as the most powerful student, either by his friends or teachers. Mirio was even one of the candidates to become the heir to All Might’s Quirks One for All long before Izuku. He was also named as someone who equalled the level of All Might, even among professional superheroes.

His abilities have almost no limitations or weaknesses. Mirio is able to make himself penetrate anything so that the enemies cannot properly attack the young man. Not only that, Mirio is also an expert in martial arts which will certainly be very useful during the fight.
That’s the 10 students with the strongest quirks in my hero academia. Which of these ten characters is your favorite? Share your opinions below and keep up with the fun news about other anime!

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